BACTOVIRNICexcellent water disinfectant,combination of potassium monopersulphate with Malic acid etc.Destroys minor families of bacteria and virus.bactovirnil can be used safely in aquaculture water treatement,livestock terminal,aerial disinfection,water sanitation etc.


  • Potas siurn'Monopersulph ate
  • Sodium Dodecyl benzene Sulphonate
  • MalicAcid etc.BENEFITS


  • Improve water quality.
  • Anewest disinfectant for killing virus and bacteria.
  • Against a broad spectrum of bacte ria and virus.
  • Use to preve nt and treat diseases cause from pathogenic bacteria and virus.
  • Active in hardness and seawater.
  • Low effect with plankton, disso lve oxygen and water quality.
  • Safety for shrimp,farmers and environment.




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